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Chosen the #1 Spray Tanning Solution by Salon Professions, Norvell sunless spray tanning products are the choice of professionals around the globe.  Each product is formulated to deliver not only a Just off the Beach™ natural tan,  but a healthy skin treatment as well.

NORVELL Prolong Moisturizer


Designed with the specific duties of moisturizing, building and extending sunless color, Pro-Long™ gradually develops intensity over multiple applications. Ideal for daily use to build color or as a touch-up tool between sessions. This gradual development process has made Pro-Long™ a favorite among clients with fairer complexions.


Norvel Self Tanner Gel-Creme


A luxuriously hydrating, easy-to-apply self-tanning gel creme that delivers just off the beach color without cosmetic bronzers.


Formulated with our exclusive Natural Actives Sunless Complex, Norvell Self-Tanning Gel-Creme combines our classic, Pro Sunless formula with a unique combination of natural actives, in a streak-free, easy-to-apply formula, to produce salon results.... right at home.

Norvell 4 Faces Spritzer


Formulated with our exclusive Natural Actives Sunless Complex™ and blended with our proprietary instant cosmetic bronzer blend, Norvell® Bronzing 4-Faces™ combines our Professional Self-Tanning Solution with a unique combination of natural actives perfected for delicate facial tanning and sunless tanning touch-ups… right at home. 


Norvell Amber Sun Renewing Exfoliator


A gentle body polish formulated for optimal sunless tanning results. Gentle micro exfoliants work together with Norvell's exclusive natural actives sunless complex to polish, renew, and prepare the skin for optimal sunless tanning results right at home. Cool mint scented.

Norvell eXmitt Pre Tan Exfoliating Mitt


The eXmitt® is a pre-tan body buffing mitt that gently exfoliates, cleanses and balances the skin’s pH levels before the application of sunless products.  Pre-tan exfoliation and proper pH levels are key to ensure DHA penetrates deeply into the skins stratum corneum and absorbs evenly across the skins surface.


Developed for use within a dry environment, using an eXmitt® allows salons to offer an exfoliating treatment immediately prior to the sunless session without the need of showering or rinsing.  The eXmitt® quickly removes residual soap, lingering self-tanning residue and perspiration from the skins surface creating a hydrated and cleansed surface for any tanning application.

Norvell ph Balance Showering Cleanser


Formulated with our exclusive Natural Actives Sunless Complex™ and blended with our proprietary blend of deep penetrating moisturizers,Norvell pH Balancing Shower Cleanser™ gently cleanses and balances pH levels while preserving the integrity of the outermost layers of the skin for optimal sunless tanning results… right at home. 

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